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"Mark Green -- design thinker, deep thinker, strategic thinker. Crafts emotional impact, touches the heart, reaches the soul. 

Mark combines an unsurpassed aesthetic with an understanding of what is next in social trends, business innovation and consumer goods to help you get results in connecting with your audience."

Don Hart

President | MOVE Communications

"I have known Mark for many years on both a professional and personal level. When I was EVP and Publisher at Zondervan, we used his services. He is not only well-trained and skilled in his craft, but he has great relational skills and character that undergird his work. 

He's a pro."

Scott Bolinder

Executive Director | Institute for Bible Reading

"Mark is one of the most inspiring and talented people with whom I have had the pleasure to work with.  I have seen him in action and worked with him for 8 years. He will bring his own ideas but also has this ability to pull great creative solutions out of those around him. He takes complex communication plans and boils them down to a story that makes sense and makes an impact on the audience.

Wow - sounds like a superhero of creativity - no, he's a regular guy. Which is why it all works so well; he knows how to impact regular people. Humble and unassuming, but talented as the day is long (usually longer)."

Andrew Sheneman

Owner | Summit View Sound & Picture 

​"Mark knows how to communicate in terms that people understand, relate to, and can act upon. His creative direction put C2 on the map, and his award-winning web design set the tone for excellence. His ability to drill down to the granular level and dig out the "real story" has impressed clients and team members alike. He is a skilled manager that knows when to put pressure on his team and when to allow them the freedom they need to grow and be successful."

David Brockmyre

Digital Project Manager | Amway Global 

​"Mark is a conscientious, strategic professional with clear insight into complex problems and a can-do attitude that sees the most difficult job through to completion. Mark's leadership and ego-free management style makes solving even the most difficult problems a delightful and rewarding experience."

Jonathan Byus

Senior Manager, Web Services | Water Environment Federation 

​"Working with Mark was an incredible experience for our team. His eagerness and ability to understand our users, their day-to-day processes, and their preferences led to an exceptional product design for both our mobile app and web app.

Mark also helped us through a critical product rebrand. With his creative direction and vision, he was able to provide us with the graphics and marketing collateral we needed to step up our branding game and better attract the users we were targeting through acquisition efforts.

​Working with Mark was a true joy. He is thorough, user-focused, responsive, and he always over-delivers."

Megan Atkinson

Business Analyst | Marketing Director | JobFLEX 

​"Mark’s creative direction is a breath of fresh air; thoughtful, original, and intuitive to what his clients and their customers need to improve their digital presence.

​He instills trust in his team by believing in their abilities to produce solutions strategically with a beautiful aesthetic. His design knowledge and passion to develop the best solution is unprecedented. I recommend working with Mark to any creative looking to elevate their skill set and be part of a genuine, dedicated, and passionate team."

Emily Bode

Adjunct Professor | Grand Valley State University 

Talented. Hard-working. Passionate. Mark exemplified those qualities and more as he guided the creation of the Twisthink website. From start to finish his professionalism kept the project focused on the right things at the right times.


Mark’s strategic leadership and deep design experience provided a fresh perspective to the creative messaging and inspiring direction critical for rethinking and refining the Twisthink brand expression. His thoughtful insights, honest assessments, helpful attitude and commitment to our success took our efforts to a higher level.


It was my honor and pleasure to work with Mark. He is a remarkable, creative leader and one of the friendliest people I’ve ever worked with.

Zhenmin Li

UX/UI Designer | Twisthink, LLC

616 - 648 - 8636

Mark Green – Creative Director

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